Everyday Heroes 3 is a Collection Of Inspirational & Motivational Stories From Around The World...

This inspirational, motivational and instructional collection contains the brilliance from:

Matt Bacak, Adam Baetu, Devon Brown, Dr. Ivan Carney, Dr. Chase Dansie, Ron Douglas, Richard Fedrizzi, Reed Floren, Tracy Grote, Mark Hartmann, Nat Hecht, Dr. Kate Hughes, Jeremy Kennedy, Jeanne Kolenda, Aaron Landreth, Alicia Lyttle, Ricky Mataka, Zach Maxwell, Anthony Mc Carthy, Barry C. McLawhorn, Mike Molloy, Anthony Thomas Parker, Michael Penland, Michael Powell, Ani Railkar, Preston Rahn, Marlon Sanders, Koni Scavella, Paula Slavens, Mr. X, Rob Wallace, Harvey Zemmel

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