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Q. What is split testing?

A. Like an A/B test, email split testing allows you to create multiple different subject line sets and test them against each other to see which subject lines produce the best results. For me, every day I test 5 radically different variations because when you test slight variations you get slight variation in results, but radicals create radically different results some radically better than normal and others radically worse. Which is why, I'm giving you the winners with best results... so you and your bank account can win with them.

Q. Will This Save Me Time?

A. Well, its 15 years of my documented split tests showing what was tested, what won, and then a list of just the winners you can swipe. How would that not save you time?

Q. Can They Be Used In Any Niche?

A. These subject lines can be used in any market or niche. All you may have to do is change 1 word. Heck, I've seen Donald Trump and Joe Biden use some of them to their lists.

Q. How Are They Broken Down?

A. In the first section of the Masterfile, they are in order of time, starting with the newest test I ran to the oldest test I ran so you see the tested 5 different subject lines I used and the one actually won then you'll find a list of winners so you can look, grab and use.

Q. Can I Make Money With This?

A. If you don't grab this offer, no! If you don't use them, no! However, if you grab this and use it then yes. If you are a newbie, you will be able to use it later when you are ready, so yes. If you are more advanced, yes, if you use them for blog post titles, yes, if you use them for article titles yes, if you use them in your next email, yes - fast! So use them and Yes!

Q. What Kind of License Comes With This Offer?

A. You are given a non-transferable, “personal use” license to this product. You cannot distribute it or share it with other individuals. Also, there are no resale rights or private label rights granted when purchasing this swipe file. In other words, it's for you.

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