"Why create mediocrity when you can copy genius? Just picked this up because Matt's one of the few people who really get email marketing, and we are always looking for more great ideas for broadcasts and follow ups. Thanks man, amazing value here."  

-Jonathan Mizel, Email Marketing Legend (Started in 1992)

A MASSIVE collection of 5,001 profit-producing, click getting emails you can adapt, tweak and alter for your own email or even email followup sequences

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"I've been modeling your emails for years and adapting them. At least the ones I could find. I'm so excited to be able to finally get my hands on your swipe file because I know they make sales in any niche with a just afew little tweeks. Now, I can model 5001 of them and use them. I worked it out and its 13.7 years of money making emails. I can't wait to get my hands on this. I'm glad you put them all together in text files with the subject lines so I can quickly search for something to modify and mail. This is going to explode the new decade and 2020 for me! I really love this."

-Anthony Mc Carthy, founder of Legends of The Digital World

"If you've ever said to yourself, “I have a list, NOW what” (wondering what to write and send to your lists), or just want to save a LOT of time coming up with your own email campaigns, you're going to want to get your hands on this swipe file from one I.M's most experienced email marketers. Matt always gives massive value in his products."  

-Dave Lovelace, Content Developer Behind Many of Lurn’s Core Products 

Dear Marketers (and Future ones),  

If you are sending emails, or are thinking about building a list, then the 5,001 Profit-Producing Emails I just packaged together will be invaluable!  

Because you deserve to make more money and have more free time than you thought was possible.  

But first, why an email swipe file?  

It's quite simple - you make a lot more money sending your list emails that are proven to work. You know this...but you also probably know that coming up with those emails is often the hardest part.

There are many million dollar email marketers all over the world who have a stash of emails to copy, use or rewrite sitting at their finger tips. 

They just won't give you their private collection of emails -- But I will!.. 

So, How Much Are Copywriters Charging To Write A Single Email For You Today?

Copywriters could realistically charge you $100, $300, $750, even $1,250 or more per email they write you, depending on its intention.  

The closer the email is to the sale, the more you can expect to pay.  

The best ones know the real secret to writing short, attention-grabbing, click-getting, revenue-generating emails.  

The kind that engage customers and increase sales. 

Writing Emails That Gets Results

What makes one email marketing business succeed… where another one fails miserably?  

It’s NOT the product.  

It’s NOT where or how you advertise.  

And It’s NOT your price.  

One thing that can totally KILL your results is the email that you chose to send.  

Nothing else is as important as having an attention-grabbing, click-getting email.  

That’s where it all starts from.  

See… your email either pulls prospects and customers in… or it pushes them away.  

So if your email doesn't do the job -- nothing else matters.  

Find an email that works, and your business can soar to new heights because you'll reach more of your list.  

But if you use the same kind of emails most email marketers do, you could easily go broke.  

But here’s the thing...  

You don’t have to rack your brain and test your creativity HOPING to come up with a winner.  

Doing it this way can give you a migraine -- unless you’re already an experienced email writer. It’s much easier to simply “model” previous success.  

And that's where this resource comes in handy.  

I'm handing you every single email I sent in my last 22 years online... (that I could find) on a silver platter... 

In fact, it's the emails that made me a millionaire.

Many times over.  

All 5,001 Profit-Producing, Attention-Grabbing, Click-getting Emails Are Now Yours To Instantly Swipe And Deploy!

Once you adapt these real world winners for your own campaigns, there's nothing left for you to do but click, send, and let the money roll right in! This mammoth email swipe file will give you more winning ideas than you can ever use in just one business. You’ll want to have this instant email swipe file right at your fingertips. You want something you can access at a moment’s notice… so you can easily create a stellar, moneymaking email -- on demand.  

You get more than 5,001 cash-generating emails.  

You’ll love the ideas you will get (or can legally steal) here… 

....and it’s easier to come up with your own variation of a surefire winner -- in just minutes! Killer email writing or swiping doesn't get any easier than this!  

Try it now and see for yourself.

"Killer swipe file Matt! Saves me about $40,000 if I were to write these out or more if I paid a copywriter to create them for me! Not sure how you can afford to give them away like this" 

- Mark A Hultgren, Article and Affiliate Marketer

"Theres a reason Matt is a such a big name in IM. He obviously knows what's he doing and he's been DOING IM (successfully) for 15 years. This is really a treasure because you get to study the psychlogy,buying triggers Matt used to rake in MILLIONs of dollars online. Email marketing is one of the most important aspects of IM. If done right its like printing money. Having a list of highy responsive subscribers that buy from you over n over is predictable and stable. Only if you have a great offer for them, plus know what to say n how to say it. Matt has mastered that! It can be used for email ideas and study material (for email copy)! Matt's a millionaire for a reason. Might be smart to study him and his work! You wont regret it!" 

- Keith88, Video Marketer

"Why spend hundreds on email copywriting courses when you can have years worth of proven, split-tested emails. I've spent up to 4 figures for various forms of swipes… this is just a jaw dropping offer. Anyone who doesn't pick this up either… 1. doesn't know about it... 2. isn't interested in making money..." 

- Judy K, Copywriter Extraordinaire

Why In The World Am I Giving YOU This?

By now, you may be thinking… as ANY intelligent person would… If I’m making all of this money doing this, why would I even consider just giving it all away?  

Well, that’s a very reasonable question and I’d be asking the same thing if I were you.  

I’m doing this as my way to give back.  

Because at this point…  

I don’t need the money, and if I displayed the same selfish characteristics as the majority of successful people do, then it would be a slap in the face to everyone who has helped me become the success that I am today...  

For that reason, I have decided to virtually give this away for a ridiculously low price.  

You deserve to experience this level of success and a helping hand.  

I’ve seen all the posts here on the forums about all of the crappy products floating around the internet…  

And I know what it’s like to go through the struggle.  

And thats why I’m practically giving this away when you take into account how much time & energy you will save.  

I’m doing this as my way to give back.  

So it's your choice if you decide to take advantage of this gift or not  

Heck, I've already made millions from them myself.  

Imagine, anytime you need more money, you just hit SEND!  

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As you decide to download this swipe file today, you might be surprised to know that you will also get, "5 Day "Win Back" Sequence" absolutely FREE! 

Like I said, this is my way of giving back, so here's my: 

My Nudge To Grab This.

But first, did some of your email list go cold?  

As as special bonus...

You'll get my 5-day optimized for engagement email sequence that will win-back your customers, clients, subscribers reserect them from the dead and re-engage them in ways you never thought possible.  

Just fill in the blanks, then send it out to easily re-engage and reactivate them. You can also load it up in your favorite email autoresponder system and send it out to those clients you've lost touch with.  

Just fill in the blanks, tweak it, and send it out today. 


Plus, Another Nudge.

The back story. Tiffany told me about a chat she had with a friend. This friend was in a radically different niche than I'm in and didn't believe my emails would work for her. Since the friend was uncertain. Tiffany created a video tutorial on how to edit the emails for any niche. Her friend was shocked at how easy it was to do after watching it. So as another nudge, we agreed, that I can give you that practical, simple-to-duplicate tutorial, too! Because we both know it’s sometimes hard for people to “see” the slant process. In fact, here's what someone else said after watching it "I didn’t think this was something for me until I watched your video explanation. Your spin on this is GENIUS!" 

A Even Bigger Nudge.

And to top it all off as an even bigger nudge...

Expecially, if you are new to email marketing...  

When you download the profit producing emails, you'll also find a (41 min) video where I'll personally show you how to write emails fast.

Whether you are an affiliate marketer, product owner or just want to learn how to make good money from sending profitable emails...  

This will show you how to write money making emails FASTER!  

Faster than a cheetah chasing it's prey.

I could have charged you for this. I could easily have charged you $97 just for this alone. In fact, I have done that in the past. I could have done that and I would have made more money.  

That's an honest to goodness fact.  

However, I decided to just give it to you because just incase you find yourself somewhere and can get to the 5001 profit producing emails, I want you to be able to still make money immediately. 

And I feel if you don't learn this part of the equation you won't have the success I know is possible with email marketing.


Can I legally guarantee that you will make more money than you have time to spend, upgrade your entire lifestyle and turn your life into the living paradise that it is for me?  

Probably not.  

But I don't feel right keeping your money if you're not making money and completely satisfied.  

That's why this offer is backed by my 100% Money Back Guarantee...

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-David Crossland, Son of a coal miner, and proud of it

"OMG Matt TOTALLY PWNED ME... For me, I hated writing emails (yeah, no emails - no $$$) This is because I do not know what to write and how to communicate constantly with my list. I would have kill my list if I have test it like Matt since I was writing the "incorrect way" With this amazing product.. I tested it immediately! Blown Away ~ My CTR DOUBLES! Now, I no longer have to worry what to send to my list anyone. Thanks Matt for putting in effort in producing one of the best products I ever got! Thumbs Up!" Highly Recommended. It definitely WORTH MUCH MORE! A True Copy, Paste, Click and Cash!

-Jackson Tan, Entrepreneur, Motivator, Dreamer

"I was lucky enough to get my hands on this before Matt and his team realize the "madness" they're suffering from for letting something like this go at this price! I mean wow really?! I have been list building and email marketing for several years now and I say without one ounce of doubt, this IS a "MUST HAVE" for anyone truly wanting to add some zero's to their bottom line!"

-Anthony H., Musician, Cage fighter, Surfer

"Thanks Matt this is so cool and timely. Now I have an Edit, Copy & Paste solution to achieve more successful mailings!" 

-Keith Miller - Dad, Husband, Entrepreneur

Order Now Before The Price Rises AGAIN!

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